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1993-4 / Artists

  • Porcia, Prospeculum, 1992, mixed media installation, dimensions variableall material in Prospeculum is used with the permission of the copyright holders 

    Artist 1993-4


  • Andrew Bannister, Cell, 1992 (detail), wood, tiles, photograph, perspex, 0.72x1.01x0.15m

    Artist 1993-4

    Andrew Bannister

  • Bernadette Bentley, Unmarked, 1992, brushed nylon, salt, 0.65x0.5x0.08m

    Artist 1993-4

    Bernadette Bentley

  • Jason Brooks, Trojan, 1992, oil on canvas, 2.74x1.83m

    Artist 1993-4

    Jason Brooks

  • Marcus Coates, Portrait of a Lady, 1992/93, oil, photographic emulsion on steel, 1.83x2.13m

    Artist 1993-4

    Marcus Coates

  • Martine Coker, still from She-Mantis, 1992, 16mm film

    Artist 1993-4

    Martine Coker

  • Stuart Cumberland, clockwise from top left:Sitting, Running, Passing, 1992Tripping, Talking, Reading, 1992Falling, Kissing, Falling, 1992Reading, Calling, Meeting, 1992sketches for video, ink on paper 

    Artist 1993-4

    Stuart Cumberland

  • Laura Daly, Abstract 2, 1992, oil on canvas, 2.29x3.05m

    Artist 1993-4

    Laura Daly

  • Edward David, Towards a Museum of Misreading, 1992, reproduction of 'Proserpine' by Rossetti, plinth, pomegranate, air rifle, pellets, chair, broken glass, reproduction of 'The French Nurses Dream' quoted by Freud in 'The Interpretation of Dreams', dimensions variable

    Artist 1993-4

    Edwin David