Blog Post: Richie Moment

Blog Post: Richie Moment

18 January 2017


Blog Post: Richie Moment

Platforms: a better position

I recently noticed that people have started referring to each other’s achievements and situation in the art world as being in a good ‘position’. Whether it’s which art school you attend, studio or exhibition you are in, it’s always “Hey… that’s a good position you’re in”. There doesn’t seem to be much mention of the word ‘platform’ anymore.

I like platforms. A platform is a place where people have to listen to you, even if you are telling them where they can stick it: a place to say what you want, to who you want, whether you are right or wrong. Probably wrong, but that’s cool, it’s your platform.

Then when your done, you can take a running jump and saw through the air listening to Hendrix. Whereas, a ‘good position’ is something you get into just before someone fucks you, really hard.

Richie Moment x