Esther Edusi The Worker, 2016Still image 


Esther Edusi
The Worker, 2016
Still image



STOP PLAY RECORD is a programme of screenings, workshops and events open to anyone interested in filmmaking. The series introduces audiences to a range of professionals from different creative sectors who work with moving image.

Each year STOP PLAY RECORD supports the planning, production and distribution of 24 short films with young people aged 16–24 who are based in London.

STOP PLAY RECORD forms part of a joint initiative between Arts Council England and Channel 4, which sees the Institute of Contemporary Arts lead a London Network in partnership with Chisenhale Gallery, DAZED, Kingston University, New Contemporaries and SPACE.

Central to New Contemporaries ethos is the continued support of emerging visual art practitioners. Our involvement with STOP PLAY RECORD ties in with our ongoing work to sustain the next generation of artists. Our annual touring exhibition has had a strong ever-visible presence of moving image work, so the opportunity to encourage up and coming filmmakers both inside and outside of formal education with access to distribution and support networks is core to our vision. As the leading UK organisation supporting emergent art practice, New Contemporaries welcomes the opportunity to collaborate on this unique and much needed resource.