Liam Mertens



  1. 1991, Blenheim, New Zealand

2017-2019, MA Painting, The Slade School of Fine Art, Londo.

2009-2011, BVA Painting and Printmaking, AUT University, Auckland,

Recent Exhibitions


2019 ‘Still Here’, Newington Gallery, London

2019 ‘neo:artprize show’, Bolton Museum and Art Gallery, Bolton

2019 ‘Orbit Art Graduates Show’, Bargehouse OXO Tower, London

2019 ‘Creekside Open’, A.P.T. Gallery, London

2019 ‘Distant Heres’, Stone Space, London

2018 ‘The Field’, ASC Gallery, London

Awards and Residencies

2011 Excellence in Art, Studio Art Supplies, Auckland, NZ

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