A Collective Film: An Online Workshop with Shamica Ruddock

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A Collective Film: An Online Workshop with Shamica Ruddock

12 November 2020 -

See the result of this Collective Workshop here!


BNC2020 artist Shamica Ruddock invites you to collaborate on a collectively produced moving image work by submitting video and audio works, and by coming together (on Zoom) to edit these into a short film, which will be shared on New Contemporaries online platforms.


Contributors are invited to respond to the themes:

  • home;
  • landscape;
  • interior;
  • exterior

by contributing a short video or sound clip (.Mp3 or .Mp4 file, up to 30 seconds), relating to the colours red or green. These should be uploaded here, with your full name, by Tuesday 10 November. There are no eligibility criteria.

You may participate as a contributor and/or as an editor. All contributors and editors will be credited in the film.


During the Zoom workshop on Thursday 12 November, 6 - 7:30pm, Shamica Ruddock will work with participants to edit the film collectively. Participants will have access to the submitted clips prior to the workshop.

The workshop will be open to 12 participants on a first come first served basis. Please email info@newcontemporaries.org.uk if you would like to attend. Participants do not require film editing experience or software.

This project is part of the Bridget Riley Artists’ Professional Development Programme.