Preparing and Uploading Your Submission

A step-by-step guide to uploading your submission can be viewed here:

All submitted works must be available in the UK for second stage selection and exhibitions.

Uploading Documentation of Your Work

Select which category best suits your work and upload appropriate documentation as image, video, or audio with an optional 40-word description:

  • Collage
  • Drawing
  • Installation
  • Moving Image
  • Painting
  • Participatory
  • Performance
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Sound
  • Writing
  • VR
  • Web
  • Other

Uploading Images

  • Images must be JPG, PNG, GIF or SVG, and have a minimum height or width of 800px and no larger than 2MB and be in RGB mode.

Uploading Video

  • All applicants who would like to submit moving image work or video documentation will need to upload these to Vimeo.

  • You can create a Vimeo Basic account for free (500MB per week of upload space, up to 5GB total account storage). Note: if you want to upload more than 500MB, do so with the appropriate time ahead of the deadline.

  • Vimeo supports the following formats; MP4, MOV, MWV, AVI or FLV.

  • Video files must be no longer than 2 minutes. Please edit longer works to a 2-minute excerpt indicating so.

  • In Settings > General > Privacy: 'Who can watch?' must be set to ‘Anyone'. 'Where can this be embedded?' must be set to 'Anywhere'.

  • Additional help:

    Find compression and resolution help here

    Find additional upload help here

Uploading Audio

  • Please upload audio directly to the submission site in MP3 format only.
  • Audio files should be no longer than 2 minutes and no larger than 10MB.
  • Please edit longer works to a 2-minute excerpt indicating so.

Uploading Description

  • Each work can be accompanied by an optional description of no more than 40 words.

Download the full 2022 Submission Guidelines here:New Contemporaries 2022 Submission Guidelines